Salisbury Library display for National Asbestos Week


 National Asbestos Awareness week runs from 23 to 27 November this year. Asbestos Victims Assoc...

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CPS Research – Qualitative Research Study into Mesothelioma


 Established in 1988, CPS Research has over 30 years' clinical trial site experience, having co...

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Port Augusta Support Group


 PLEASE NOTE the Port Augusta Support Group will not be holding meetings in June or July 2020 d...

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Asbestos, do not disturb it, drill it, cut it or break it.


If you are unsure if something contains asbestos, do not disturb it, drill it, cut it or break it. H...

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Exposure to airborne asbestos may cause cancer and deadly mesothelioma.


 Exposure to airborne asbestos fibres may cause life-threatening illnesses like cancer and dead...

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Asbestos becomes dangerous once the fibres are disturbed


 Asbestos becomes dangerous once the fibres are disturbed, become airborne and then inhaled. Th...

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Before you rip up the old lino floor:


 Before you start any work around the house, check if your home was built before the 1990s. If ...

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Port Adelaide Workers Memorial


The Port Adelaide Workers Memorial recognises people who have made a significant contribution to pro...

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Before you take out the old bathroom:


 How old is your home? Asbestos is commonly found in homes built before the late 1990s. Only sc...

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COVID-19 - Events cancellation


 These photos were taken at the Kapunda Show in March this year. We had no idea then of the imp...

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