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Before you rip up the old lino floor:


 Before you start any work around the house, check if your home was built before the 1990s. If so, it probably contains asbestos.

Planning some flooring renovations? Be aware - it is common to find asbestos present in vinyl flooring! Before ripping it up, make sure you seek professional advice and get it tested for asbestos to keep yourself and your family safe.

Did you know that asbestos was often used in the adhesive under lino and vinyl floors before 1990? If your vinyl floor is cracking - or if you're looking at replacing your floor - it's important to get an asbestos check before you rip it up.

Don't expose yourself or your family - get a check first and be safe.

Remember that you have a legal responsibility not to harm those around you.

For more information check with SafeworkSA https://bit.ly/2xe8iz3
Port Adelaide Workers Memorial
Before you take out the old bathroom:

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