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AVA provides the following services:

Our Volunteers

  • AVA volunteers are generally people who have become involved with AVA because they have experienced directly or indirectly the care or loss of a loved one or friend who has been affected by asbestos related disease.
  • Volunteers can help you talk through issues of concern that may be unique to your situation. They can be a sounding board for the many questions or situations that are part of the challenges that come with a diagnosis. 

We learn from patients as they share stories of their treatment and responses, including those involved in clinical trials. This helps us to help you.

Where possible we can come to you in the Adelaide area, or where we have regional support available.

Information sessions for community groups – asbestos exposure is still an issue.

Free information sessions for community groups (such as U3A, Probus Clubs and Men’s Sheds) using power point presentations, videos, and take-home packs of information..

Free asbestos awareness workshops – asbestos exposure is an ongoing issue which includes not only trades people, but home renovators, or homes and buildings that are in poor repair, or which become damaged through disasters such as storms and bushfires.

Advice to South Australian residents on where to obtain:

  • Information if you are worried about asbestos use in your home or at work.
  • Information about safety procedures if asbestos is found
  • Information about what to do if you are exposed to asbestos
  • Information about asbestos-related diseases.
  • Help getting medical advice.
  • Help getting legal advice – you may be eligible for compensation. 
The Beinke Bequest – Financial Assistance if you have to travel for treatment or care

If you have an asbestos disease and live outside the metropolitan area, AVA may be able assist you and your family with the costs of travel and accommodation. This could include overnight stays, petrol, taxi fares or similar.

These funds are available due to the generosity of Peter Beinke, who made a bequest to AVA in his will to help with expenses for people diagnosed with an asbestos related disease who had to travel to access medical treatment or legal advice. Peter was an Adelaide man who undertook an electrical apprenticeship in the 1970s. While working as an electrician he was exposed to asbestos, which eventually lead to his death from mesothelioma in 2014.

Peter loved to crochet and often brought his latest project into the AVA office so he could keep his hands busy while chatting to others. He was always happy to teach others how to wield a crochet hook too! AVA volunteers attended his funeral service where family members and friends joined in celebrating his life. There was a big tub of beanies at his funeral, all crocheted by Peter, as mementos for people to take away.

Peter understood the added expense for patients who had to travel to Adelaide for treatment, in particular the cost of travel and accommodation. His bequest to AVA was intended to help in such circumstances. If you think you could be eligible for financial assistance from the Beinke Bequest, please contact us.

Download Beinke brochure here

AVA newsletter

The newsletter is published quarterly and contains the latest news about asbestos.

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