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Asbestos site, Port Augusta

Asbestos site, Port Augusta Asbestos site, Port Augusta

CONTAMINATED: A site on Daniel Terrace that is contaminated with Asbestos. It is believed the substance has been lying unattended for decades after an old factory was demolished.

Large amounts of asbestos have been found in the remains of an old factory on Daniel Terrace. The factory, which was demolished decades ago, had all the valuable leftover materials cleaned up but the dangerous asbestos bits left behind. The site is just down the road from a residential area and next door to the railway yards.

The asbestos was found after local Asbestos Victims Association president Geoff Maul received a tip off. Mr Maul went out to the site and was appalled at what he found.
He compiled a DVD and sent a copy to local state member Dan van Holst Pellekaan and immediately contacted the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA got into contact with new landowners who have now begun the removal and disposal effort.

Mr Maul is concerned for the health implications for people who work and live in the area. "One of our members had a workshop out there and he isn't with us anymore," he said. Mr Maul couldn't categorically say the member got his asbestos related illness because of the site.

Mr van Holst Pellekaan said it was concerning that a discovery like this had been made. "It is very concerning that a site like this was discovered - both because of the harm the asbestos may have done over many years to people unaware of the danger and also because it significantly improves that chance that any other similar sites will be found and cleaned up," he said. "As you'd know, the area has been fenced off and clean-up started, but I don't know when it will be completed."

When he was made aware of the situation Mr van Holst Pellekaan immediately contacted both the state and federal health ministers to address the situation.
Mr van Holst Pellekaan praised the work Mr Maul was doing in the community. "The work that Geoff has done to bring this issue into the public spotlight is very important and on behalf of our community I thank him for it - getting this site cleaned up is making Port Augusta a safer community," he said.
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