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Why a poem. Anonymous

Why are our friends all dying, And why are widows crying, Why do we all have to mourn, Shedding tears until the dawn.

Why are children fatherless, Why are children motherless, Why do brothers and sisters grieve, With a pain naught can relieve.

Why are our friends all leaving, Leaving us with our grieving, Why did our loved ones leave us Were thirty years really a plus?

We all know the reason why, That reason is what makes us cry, And it creates our awful pain Cos’ things can’t be the same again.

Yes, that dust breathed long ago, Is the cause of all our woe, The knowledge has left us stunned, Despite the compensation fund.

Dust breathed without a thought, Was the death sentence that it brought, Yet still they fought against this foe, For they were not ready to let go.

They had husbands and had wives, And many children in their lives, They had family and mates, But for them asbestos shut the gates.

To leave us they had no choice, Never again will we hear their voice, No more that infectious laugh, No more giving the kids a bath.

All that has now gone for ever, Alone now, we face life’s weather. We have good days and we have bad, Days when we are so very sad.

All we can do is soldier on, Remembering those now gone, Let’s keep their memory alive, Til’ at those golden gates we all arrive.

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