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Terry Poem

Poem by Lee West 2009

A poem dedicated to Terry Miller
Terry Poem

Terry Miller is a bonza bloke, Likes to laugh and have a joke, As his help reaches far and wide, It’s good to have him on your side.

No cry for help ever goes amiss, He knows that life is not all bliss, Whether you’re rich or simply poor' You’ll find him there at your front door.

He’ll care for you like a mother hen, Been doing it since God knows when, He’s a comfort to ease the pain, Gives your life meaning once again.

Now giving in is not his game, For he will help you make a claim, Give you some useful sound advice, That is helpful and yet concise.

If asbestos has laid you low, Then off to Terry you should go, Your problems he may not solve, But he’ll help with your resolve.

He doesn’t ask for thanks and praise, As awareness he tries to raise, Of what some companies have done, And to us Terry’s our number one.

So let’s give him the credit due, As he helps us to fight and sue, So raise your glasses in a toast, Cos’ Terry Miller you’re the most.

© Lee West 2009

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