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Survival The meaning of survival

Poem by Molly Shoemaker Schaechtele

The meaning of survival, a poem.
Survival The meaning of survival

... may be different than you've heard.

It doesn't mean you're cancer free. It doesn't mean you're cured.

It doesn't mean you're through with treatment, or that your hair is growing back.

It doesn't mean your scars have healed. No, it doesn't mean any of that.

Survival means that you've decided to live each moment of your life,

and to never let the sun go down on anger, hate or strife.

Survival means you seize each day and live your joy out loud,

and you look for silver linings behind each and every cloud.

Survival is not a timeline and it's not just a prognosis.

It's the way you decide to live your life after diagnosis.

You can count days on a calendar but there's a better way.

Survival is not measured in tomorrows but in the value of today.

© Molly Shoemaker Schaechtele

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