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Mourn not

Poem by Lee West

Mourn not a poem by Lee West.
Mourn not

I want you not to mourn for me, For now I'm whole and running free, Just think of all the fun we had, And please, please do not be sad.

I have a peace within my soul, For now my body is whole, No more do I fight for breath, Nor is there any fear of death,

She came quietly in the night, To go along I knew was right, My last breath a thankful sigh, My earthly life now passed by.

Where I am, you cannot be, But one day you’ll be with me, Once again you’ll see my face. Greet me with a warm embrace.

I'm with friends from long ago, Where rivers of love softly flow, And the air is pure and clean, Nothing nasty or obscene.

I had to leave the ones I love, And come to this place here above, But shed no tears my dear friends, For this new life never ends.

Course' I never meant to leave, I didn't want you folk to grieve, Yet now I'm here all is well And here I'll for ever dwell.

From here I watch you all below, And all your kind thoughts I know, I see you all gathered there, Can feel your love and your care.

I hear your words and feel your pain, But rest assured we'll meet again, No! Our parting is not the end, For one day you will all transcend.

To be with me in this place, And feel God's love and His grace, Once more we'll walk hand in hand, In this glorious wonderland.

L. West © 2010

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