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Poem by Lee West

Memories a poem by Lee West

Precious are the memories, And precious they will stay, The slow passage of time, Can never take them away.

It is said there is a reason, And that time will slowly heal, But neither time nor reason, Can change the way we feel.

No one knows the heart aches, That lie beneath our smiles, And neither the many times, We’ve counted the lonely miles.

Gone now is that smiling face, And those cheerful happy days, Your heart won so many friends, With your happy bygone ways.

Even the words sometimes cross, Were part of that love so strong, And is part of our awful loss, Knowing that you meant no wrong.

You are always in our thoughts, With the joy the love and the tears, Your positiveness meant no naughts, As we pray for peace in the coming years.

We cannot bring the old days back, When we were all together, The family chain is broken now, But our memories will live for ever

© Lee West 2014

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