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Lost loves

Poem by Lee. W 2008

Lost loves a poem by Lee West
Lost loves

It was not a moment too soon, When they shut the horror of Wittenoom, The closure came far too late, To save our partner to save our mate, Like its makers, asbestos does not care, That it causes grief, heartache and despair.

It matters not wether you’re strong or weak, Its terrible havoc it will wreak, Striking down builders, engineers, Sailors, labourers overseers, A mate, a child, a husband or a wife, Asbestos has never shown respect for life.

All it wants is to reach you deep inside, And there’s no escape, you can not hide, Whether a child giving gran’pa a hug, Or a little baby lying on a rug, A dutiful wife shaking out the dust, For clean work clothes were a must.

And there is so little that we can do, Sure we can blame and yes, we can sue, Whilst this awful insidious foe, Takes our love ones all too slow, Letting them suffer in prolonged pain, Whilst our tears fall like winter rain.

As we watch our loved one’s failing health, Shattering families, with its subtle stealth, Yet this is not a time for feeling sad, Just think of the good times we have had, Lets dwell on all the good things past, Let their memories live on, yes make them last. Keep remembering those wonderful years, So dry your eyes and stop those tears. For now our loved ones are free of pain, They can run, skip and jump once again, There’s no more fibres in their chest, They are free of pain and at their best.

Asbestos for them is a thing of the past, And now they have eternal rest at last, No more struggling for that elusive breath, For there is no suffering in earthly death So lets be thankful for what they gave us, Happiness, joy, love and very little fuss. Today we remember and think on them still, Some might say that it was God’s will, But we’ll not forget you, no not ever, For the bonds of love no one can sever, Your memory will live on throughout our lives, Whether children, husband’s or widowed wives.

Asbestos is a filthy, silent deadly dealer, But time can be a wonderful healer, Our pain and sadness may linger on, Now that our loved ones have died and gone, But let us carry on their worthy fight, For justice, truth and all that’s right.

© Lee. W 2008

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