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AVA SA understands the far-reaching impact asbestos can place on the community. AVA SA members past and present have expressed themselves through poetry. It helps us understand, connect and appreciate their journey. Please take some time to read their thoughts.

Lost loves, poem by Lee

Lost loves

Poem by Lee. W 2008 It was not a moment too soon, When they shut the horror of Wittenoom, The closure came far too late, To save our partner to save our mate, Like its makers, asbestos does not care, That it causes grief, heartache and despair. It matters not wether you’re strong or weak, Its terrible havoc it will wreak, Striking down builders, engine…

I am free, poem by Lee West

I am free

Poem by Lee West. Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free, As free as anyone can be, I could not stay another day, To laugh – to love – to play, Tasks left undone must stay that way, I found my peace, at the end of the day. And if my parting left a void, Then fill it with remembered joy, A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss, Ah yes. These things I too will miss, …

Memories, poem by Lee West


Poem by Lee West. Precious are the memories, And precious they will stay, The slow passage of time, Can never take them away. It is said there is a reason, And that time will slowly heal, But neither time nor reason, Can change the way we feel. No one knows the heart aches, That lie beneath our smiles, And neither the many times, We’ve counte…

Why, a poem. Anonymous


Why are our friends all dying, And why are widows crying, Why do we all have to mourn, Shedding tears until the dawn. Why are children fatherless, Why are children motherless, Why do brothers and sisters grieve, With a pain naught can relieve. Why are our friends all leaving, Leaving us with our grieving, Why did our loved ones leave us Were th…

A poem about Terry Miller

Terry Poem

Terry Miller is a bonza bloke, Likes to laugh and have a joke, As his help reaches far and wide, It’s good to have him on your side. No cry for help ever goes amiss, He knows that life is not all bliss, Whether you’re rich or simply poor' You’ll find him there at your front door. He’ll care for you like a mother hen, Been doing it since God knows when, He’s a comf…

The meaning of survival, a poem by Molly Shoemaker Schaechtele

Survival The meaning of survival

Poem by Molly Shoemaker Schaechtele ... may be different than you've heard. It doesn't mean you're cancer free. It doesn't mean you're cured. It doesn't mean you're through with treatment, or that your hair is growing back. It doesn't mean your scars have healed. No, it doesn't mean any of that. Survival means that you've decided to live each moment o…

The smile - a poem

The smile

I leisurely strolled in a park one day, And watched the children all at play, Saw an old man walking his dog, And two lovers kissing on a log, And as I strolled through this park, I could hear the song of a distant lark, I heard the wind sighing in the trees, And among the flowers buzzing bees. I saw some Greek men playing a game, It looked like bowls, b…

The cross

The cross

A simple little wooden cross, Tells of our sad and tragic loss, Of loved ones taken all too soon, And all because of Wittenoom. Though each cross may look the same, Yet each bears our loved one’s name, We stand before each with bowed head, And not one word needs to be said. Every cross has its own story, But now each name lives in glory, They fought the…

Mourn not

Mourn not

I want you not to mourn for me, For now I’m whole and running free, Just think of all the fun we had, And please, please do not be sad. I have a peace within my soul, For now my body is whole, No more do I fight for breath, Nor is there any fear of death, She came quietly in the night, To go along I knew was right, My last breath a thankful sigh, My earthl…