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Leo Ryan died of mesothelioma 2016

Leo Ryan

1943 – 2016

Leo had been diagnosed with mesothelioma a few weeks prior to our first introduction to AVA. Following a meeting with our legal adviser one morning we were warmly welcomed by Pam and the AVA team. We immediately felt at home, and we attended our first morning tea shortly thereafter and have valued their genuine support ever since. AVA enabled us to talk openly about the disease, and its impact upon Leo, us as a couple and our family. We asked many questions and always received honest answers. Most of the group have had direct association with someone close to them or themselves with asbestos disease. Maxine & Lesley kept in touch by either phoning and visiting us on a regular basis. Whilst Leo and I only attended one morning tea after the initial visit, as his health was in decline, he wanted me to continue my involvement which I’ve willingly embraced. I have no hesitation in recommending AVA as a friendly, welcoming and informative group.

Doreen Ryan June 2017

Asbestos exposure can impact anybody, at any time, at any age. Belind Dunn passed away due to mesothelioma, she was just 46 years old.

Belinda Dunn

1967 – 2013

“I was diagnosed with mesothelioma at the age of 29. I contracted the illness as a result of exposure as a child when my dad was renovating our home. I cannot count the numerous ways AVA has been of assistance to my family. Anyone whose family has been touched by this terrible illness should consider an active involvement in AVA.”

Asbestos exposure can impact anybody, at any time, at any age. Tragically Melissa Haylock died from asbestos exposure at just 45 years old.

Melissa Haylock

1963 – 2008

“I had mesothelioma as a result of childhood exposure to asbestos. When I brought my situation to AVA, including my fears about who would look after my kids if I die (my husband is a shift worker), AVA organised a media campaign, put my situation on the front page of the Advertiser and got the laws changed in this state to provide me some peace of mind on the very issue that was worrying me so much!

Colin Arthur passed away in 2007.

Colin Arthur

1936 – 2007

“When I was diagnosed I had nowhere to go in South Australia. I founded AVA with my wife and ran it from our house for the first 12 months. I’m really proud of how AVA has grown and the way in which it has helped so many South Australians.”