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AVA SA Membership

For just $10.00 each year you can become a member of AVA SA. To join click on the button below.

Or click HERE to print the form. When completed, please post to the Asbestos Victims Association (SA) Inc, P O Box 4066, Elizabeth. 5112. As a member you will receive our monthly newsletter which will keep you up to date with latest news and events.

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Payments accepted via PayPal

Direct debit to our bank account – please provide your name in the reference box so we can identify you. If you would like a written receipt, telephone the office to give us your name and address.

BSB 325-185
 A/C 02252614

All the following services are provided free of charge – by volunteers. AVA has no paid staff.

AVA provide advice on:

Information sessions for community groups – asbestos is still an issue.
Information if you are worried about asbestos in your home or at work.
Information about safety procedures if asbestos is found
Information about what to do if you are exposed to asbestos
Information about asbestos related diseases.
Help getting medical advice.
Help getting legal advice - you may be eligible for compensation.
Support groups in city and regional areas.
Regular social mornings by support groups
Telephone support and advice - 24 hours per day, 7 days a week