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Handling Asbestos

  1. Don’t handle or work with asbestos products. Call in the professionals.
  2. However if you must work with asbestos, while the following suggestions listed cannot guarantee your safety, they will help reduce your risk of exposure to the deadly fibres.
  3. Always use a mask approved to Australian Standard AS 1716 with a P2 or P3 filter to protect against asbestos (this number will always be displayed on the mask).
  4. Always thoroughly wet the material you are working with to reduce dust.
  5. Use hand tools rather than power tools.
  6. Don’t allow any family members or other people near where you are working.
  7. Wear old clothes. When you have finished work put the clothes into a rubbish bag and seal it. Do this before you remove your mask. Don't allow anyone else to touch the clothes. Shower thoroughly immediately after finishing work.
  8. Never sweep up. Always use a vacuum cleaner, which has an internal sealed and removable bag.
  9. Put the vacuum bag carefully into a rubbish bag and seal it. Then remove your mask and seal it in a rubbish bag.
  10. Never put the rubbish bags in your garbage bin and do not take them to the tip. Call your local Council to find out how and where to dispose of them safely. If you have concerns about health risks, please contact the SA Health Dept. You can also check this guide here (adobe PDF format). 
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