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Team & Patrons

President & Treasurer: Peter Baxter

Peter was born in West Lothian, Scotland. After migrating to Australia, he worked at James Hardie Industries in Elizabeth till 1983. Peter and Jean, his late wife, joined AVA soon after he was diagnosed with asbestosis in 2004.

Peter is involved in all AVA’s activities, but especially in raising awareness about the need for everyone to avoid exposure to asbestos, travelling all over South Australia to hand out free information. Peter is responsible for maintenance of the crosses which are displayed at our Memorial Day on the last Friday in November each year

Peter received a “Volunteer Award” from Tony Zappia MP in December 2012.

Vice President: Maxine Williams

Office Manager: Lesley Shears

Lesley Shears is an advocate, a carer and a survivor.

Her life changed in 2013 when her husband was diagnosed with mesothelioma. The long-anticipated retirement dream of travelling around Australia evaporated – instead there was the reality of facing a terminal illness together.

She is passionate about raising awareness of the dangers of asbestos through advocacy and education. She now puts the skills learned in her working life with The Law Society of SA and the Mediator Standards Board to good use by volunteering with the Asbestos Victims Association (SA) Inc. Lesley is a breast cancer survivor and volunteers for the Survivors as Teachers programme initiated by Cancer Voices SA and the University of Adelaide.


The Hon. Steven Marshall, Premier of SA
Frances Bedford, Member for Florey
Tony Zappia, Member for Makin
Nick Xenophon Lawyer and Advocate
Peter Bauer, State Secretary AMWU

Executive Committee

President & Treasurer: Peter Baxter
Vice President: Maxine Williams
Office Manager: Lesley Shears

Committee Members

Gloria Hinks

Doreen Ryan